HD Wahl

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Heading into the future,
from a solid basis

Innovative capacity, entrepreneurial vision and a grounded approach. Our success, as experts in professional surface refinement in regards to aluminium components, sheets and profiles, has been based on these essential qualities for more than 50 years.

With our products, we cover the entire range of professional surface refinement in façade, steel, and metal engineering, in addition to the automotive and engineering sector. This is founded in the know-how of our valued employees, and the quality processes in the engineering and infrastructure of a modern plant, which are required for the surface treatment of aluminium. Additionally, we have the financial means to invest in the further development of future-oriented processes and facilities.

A firm foundation
from the beginning

HDWahl GmbH dates back to 1964. Here, Emil Wahl laid the foundation for today’s company in Jettigen-Scheppach with the construction of our first anodising plant. This was the ideal location, as the necessary production factors and proximity to the relevant research institutes provided the perfect bases, and this still rings true today!

Our company has remained a family business for three generations now. We currently employ approximately 100 employees at our headquarters in Jettingen-Scheppach. Our employee’s expertise, motivation and performance, are the cornerstones for the company’s future success.

Our Philosophy: We ensure progress at every stage

Our products are produced to the highest standards in quality, function, aesthetics and longevity. Therefore, our products are continuously being developed further, to meet the expectations of the market and our customers.

Our aim is to meet the high demands of our customers, to reduce production costs through partial automation, and to continuously minimise our environmental impact.

Together with architects, planners and engineers, we continuously create new surfaces that meet the growing demands in the decorative surface refinement market.

“Know-how” –
a matter of networking

We owe our success of more than 50 years, to the expertise of our employees. In order to continuously develop this knowledge, we actively maintain our relationships with development partners and associations, as well as our connections to relevant research institutes. Therefore, we are a long-time, honorary member of the “GSB technical commission”. To us, progress means to be capable of envisaging the broader view.



Creating long-lasting partnerships and together, developing new ideas

A long-term partnership with our customers is a challenge that we are pleased to give ourselves – it is the necessary requirement to build mutual trust and to allow a fair exchange of ideas. This is achieved by always acting in a customer-oriented manner and showing a constant willingness to perform.